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We sell woodworking patterns for wooden gear clocks.

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We sell wooden-gear clock plans for the home woodworker

We offer two original, full size woodworking patterns for wooden clocks

8-day Wooden-gear Clock with Modern 3-hand Dial

wooden-gear clock - peg-gear clock

Click here for our
6 Gear Clock Plan.
Similar features in an
all-wood clock, now
only hand-powered tools

Efficient Original Design
Only 4 Wooden Peg Gears
No Small Pinions
No Gear Teeth to Cut

Drive Weight Options
32 Hours (4 lb, 48")
or 8 Days (24 lb, 48")

Modern Dial
3 Concentric Hands
Beats Seconds

Regulator Accuracy
Within 5 Seconds Per Day  
Grasshopper Escapement
Compensated Royal
Huygens' Endless Chain
Rewind While Running

Drill Press
Belt/Disc Sander

Suggested Materials
Hardwood and/or
Metal Bushings

Suits Low Ceilings
Clock dial center is
64" from the floor
Top of finials are
76" from the floor
Fits Grandmother,
or Grandfather
Clock Cases.
Case recommended
21st Century Design - whisper quiet and easy to run

Woodworkers with intermediate skills can use our woodworking plan
to construct a wooden gear clock that will run reliably for generations.
This heirloom quality clock makes a unique conversation piece
and a great gift. It is one of the most impressive wood projects!

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Note: Plans or patterns for our clocks are not published elsewhere.
They are available only by mail order from our company, Houtman Designs.

10 Printed Pages of Clock Plans

 Full Size Pattern for the following:
Clock, Wall Mount, 17th Century Clock Dial, 3 Clock Hands.
Also included are Meshing Diagrams for Clock, and
Detailed Instructions in English.
10 Pages, 14" x 18"

Order Form

This is designed as a home hobby project.
We give you limited rights when we sell our plans to you.

Price does not include rights to reproduce clock for sale.

No group or institutional orders.
Each individual building a clock is required
to purchase their own copy of the clock plan from us,
registering their name and address with us.

Our Clock Plans are not to be displayed in,
or loaned by Libraries (public, free, or rental.)
They are not to be included in any group pattern collections,
either classroom, or club.

We enjoy designing items for the home hobbyist.
We know many people in this country
are still capable of making commercial quality items
at home for their own use.
We have designed this wood project
to help people learn useful woodworking skills
while building a collectible timepiece.
You are welcome to join
successful people from around the world
who have built their own heirloom quality
wooden peg-gear clock!

Our professionally designed wooden-gear clocks have

top quality Grandfather Clock features:
Huygens endless chain,
keyless side-wound 32-hour or 8-day movement,
wooden grasshopper escapement,
grid-iron pendulum, and
a bead-chain drive.

Our peg gears have no sharp gear teeth profiles to cut.
They are efficient designs with
a low number of gears, and
a dial with 3 concentric hands.

Our robust clock designs are
capable of many years of excellent performance.
They are accurate in any humidity,
made with inexpensive materials,
and able to fit 7 foot (or higher) ceilings.

They are enjoyable wood projects.
Available in 2 versions.
One is designed for
beginners with hand tools,
the other for
intermediate woodworkers
with power tools.

Why not build the heirloom clock
your family would be proud to run for many years!

Although the field of mechanical clock design is hundreds of years old, there was room for a new design to meet the requirements of today’s customer. There are many features that are "firsts" in our clock design, among them:

1. Reduced number of gears compared to other wooden-clocks. It has the lowest number of any wooden-gear clock (four). Most other wooden-gear clocks have at least ten.

2. An appropriate tooth design for wood. It is easier to construct than the teeth found in other wooden-gear clocks and metal machinery. Our use of simple dowels for peg-gear teeth avoids the difficulties associated with filing hundreds of perpendicular gear teeth after rough cutting the teeth with a scroll saw.

3. Long cycle. The clock movement runs 8 days, and with its maintaining power can be rewound while running without reset.

4. Extremely quiet operation even when the movement is run without a case. Quieter than any other wooden clock and most metal pendulum clocks.

5. Familiar 3-hand dial. This is the first wooden-gear clock to look modern from the front.

Training in Engineering includes education about material properties and design, with an emphasis on designing for the material used. We wanted an excellent design for wood. Therefore we included certain features to produce the best possible accuracy in wood. One of these is a frictionless, wooden grasshopper escapement. This clock is not adapted from other wooden-gear clocks, machine gears or watch escapements. It is a new design.

Professional Designs You Can Trust - From the 21st Century

Published Author
In the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC)
Horological Science Chapter Newsletter

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October 2012

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